Does the City of Santa Barbara own the Bellosguardo property?

The City of Santa Barbara does not own the property. The Bellosguardo property is owned by a 501(c)3 non-profit: Bellosguardo Foundation, Inc.

Can I tour the property?

We are offering small docent-led tours. Tickets are released via email every few months and usually sell out quickly. Become a Supporter to be added to our list. We are actively working with the City of Santa Barbara for approval of a Conditional Use Permit which will allow for even greater public access. As permitting is approved, we will expand tour sizes and frequency. The property is a historic landmark and much of the interior furnishings are antiques. Opening for tours is a gradual process that requires a thoughtful approach to ensure the property is protected.

Why can't I park at East Beach or along Cabrillo and walk up to the property?

The City of Santa Barbara has various restrictions on private entities, such as the Bellosguardo Foundation, using city streets, parking lots, and other city-owned infrastructure. In fact, as part of the Conditional Use Permit the City has stated the following: one of the findings the Planning Commission must make for the Conditional Use Permit is that adequate access and off-street parking including parking for guests is provided in a manner and amount so that the demands of the development for such facilities are adequately met without altering the character of the public streets in the area at any time. With this rule Bellosguardo Foundation will not be able to offer any pedestrian access, only on-site parking and shuttle service will be allowed.

Does the Foundation offer special events?

Yes, occasionally Bellosguardo Foundation can open the property for special events such as fundraisers and private functions that generate revenue for the Foundation. These often require temporary infrastructure (restrooms, ADA ramps, etc.) to meet health and safety codes for which the Foundation seeks and receives permits from the City of Santa Barbara.

Can I volunteer at the property?

Bellosguardo Foundation is currently seeking applicants for various docent roles. If you are interested in volunteering, apply here.

What is the Foundation's highest priority need?

Like most non-profits Bellosguardo Foundation is sustained by donations. Please consider joining our Restoration Society or making a donation.